Starting out as NRG engineering in October 2001 the company has changed significantly.
In early 2012 the business was re-branded to Pressure Equipment Integrity (PEI) after ten years of consistent growth to reflect the direction and more specialist work we do in supporting the life cycle of Pressure Equipment. We have invested heavily in personnel, plant and equipment, to enable us to facilitate Outage and Fabrication work more efficiently.
This has been a good move as PEI has thrived in the last three years establishing itself as a key player in Asset Integrity capability, as well as Outage and Project work.


PEI Group

PEI Group provides the over-arching HSE and QA systems, plus the business operating systems for the total business.  The structure of the business allows us to focus on the expertise of each division, provides the room to grow and a solid foundation to build on.
PEI Group now has room to grow and a solid foundation to build on.
Pressure Equipment Integrity
The name Pressure Equipment Integrity has been retained for the Technical arm of the PEI Group, which also houses the newly formed PEI Inspection Body. This company focuses on Asset Integrity, Asset Management and Inspection of all types of Pressure Equipment, enabling PEI to provide total life cycle support to our clients.
The PEI Inspection Body division has now been IANZ accredited and WorkSafe NZ approved to offering high quality engineering pressure equipment inspection and welding qualification services to the industry, under ISO17020.
PEI’s capabilities in Asset Integrity are continuously being developd and this has recently been enhanced by an exciting new exclusive collaboration with Structural Integrity Associates Inc. (SI) based in the US. We can now offer our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand a practical engineering based solution backed by industry experts. With this relationship, PEI gains access to state of the art software and information libraries for materials and the knowledge of many industry experts. We can now offer our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand a practical engineering based solution backed by industry experts.
Structural Integrity also brings PlantTrack software to PEI (under licence). PlantTrack is a graphical data management system for boiler, high energy piping, and other equipment. It is a powerful tool in which you can incorporate a graphical model of your equipment, collate inspection records and attach them to the equipment, then analyse the data. It is a wonderful product that can become a key tool in the management of your pressure parts integrity in the power generation industry; and a tool which is adaptable to other industries
PEI Industrial
The second company in the PEI Group is the newly formed PEI Industrial which takes the physical Engineering and Heat treatment divisions and will represent the Fabrication and Site Works component of the company. This business has the ability to offer a practical and quality solution to any pressure parts requirements for any industry.
During this 3 year period Pressure Equipment Integrity expanded its mechanical division investing heavily on plant and equipment to facilitate Outage and Fabrication work more efficiently.


PEI has implemented HSE and Quality systems that have allowed the company growth to be managed and not compromise the quality of the deliverables to our clients. We have always had uncompromising standards in these areas.

These systems have now been Telarc audited and we are accredited to ISO9001 for the quality management system and AS/NZS4801 for the HSE system.


In 2012, PEI also acquired the New Zealand division of Heattech Australia a major player in industrial Heat treatment services. The Acquisition of the Heattech fleet, subsequent formation of the PEI Heat Treatment division, and the implementation of PEIs quality and service ethos has turned this division into the largest provider of Heat Treatment services in New Zealand.