Background to the PEI Inspection Body

The PEI Inspection Body is a division of PEI Pressure Equipment Integrity, set up to respond to the industry need for higher quality inspection personnel and a willingness to develop relationships with our clients to deliver the best results for both parties.

The PEI Inspection Body complements and utilises the skill base of PEI Pressure Equipment Integrity’s mechanical engineers who have specialist expertise in Boilers, HRSGs, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Pressure Piping as well as water chemistry and metallurgy.
Rather than approaching the issues from an NDT bias point of view, we look at the overall picture through our understanding of possible damage mechanisms, consequences of defects, code requirements and their derivation. This ensures that our inspectors identify defects but also can ensure that the most appropriate rectification / remediation works and timeframes are enforced.
The personnel within this group come with extensive experience and knowledge of this equipment from many industries, spanning design, fabrication and in-service (aged equipment and plant).

PEI Inspection Body

The PEI Inspection Body has been created because of the industry wide need to improve capabilities and knowledge in the area of Pressure Equipment Inspection to support total Asset Management Systems.

The PEI Inspection Body provides services which are completely impartial and independent, and have IANZ accreditation to ISO17020:2013. For accreditation scope details, please contact us.

All of the Pressure Equipment Inspectors working within the PEI Inspection Body have the following characteristics:

  • CBIP recognised Pressure Equipment Inspection certification
  • Are supported by a network of knowledgeable personnel with extensive technical and practical skill
  • Specialise in the evaluation of aged equipment
  • Understand the principles behind code requirements so that an appropriate response to deviations / findings can be applied
  • Are involved in industry forums and conferences to keep their knowledge as current as possible

We can work with our clients to:

  • Complete compliance inspections as required under AS/NZS3788, Approved Codes of Practice for Boilers and Pressure Equipment, ASME, AS/NZS, ASME, API, BS, EN
  • Issue operating certificates for equipment
  • Identify expected damage mechanisms for assets

It is important that our Inspectors develop client relationships and provide continuity of service to our clients so that we can provide the best value inspection to our clients.

PEI has an active training programme to bring fresh talent into the industry.

We are investing in personnel with a passion for pressure equipment who envisage a long future in the industry. PEI is actively working on passing this knowledge to young personnel entering the industry, through its training and mentoring programmes, by having detailed peer reviews, and open technical discussions.

PEI is working hard to provide and develop resources to the highest skill base so that our clients and the industry as a whole can benefit.

PEI Pressure Equipment Integrity

The PEI Pressure Equipment Integrity team is a group of engineers who have expertise in Boilers, HRSGs, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Pressure Piping.

The personnel within this group come with extensive experience and knowledge of equipment from many industries, and their expertise includes metallurgy and water chemistry.

We pride ourselves on having high levels of technical expertise and an ability to apply this technical knowledge into practical real world situations.


PEI has an exclusive relationship with Structural Integrity Associates (SI), for the Australian and New Zealand market.

SI is a highly regarded US based consulting company, with specialist capability within the Power Generation Industry.

Through our relationship with SI we have access to custom developed software for detailed engineering analysis of equipment, materials database information, latest industry developments and the knowledge that greater than 30 years industry experience can provide.

PEI is actively working on passing this knowledge to young personnel entering the industry, through its training and mentoring programmes, by having detailed peer reviews, and open technical discussions. PEI is working hard to provide and develop resources to the highest skill base so that our clients and the industry as a whole can benefit.

PEI Asset Integrity

The PEI Asset Integrity division has expertise in Asset Integrity and Asset Management for pressure equipment in the Power Generation, Oil and Gas and Industrial (Dairy, Pulp & Paper, other) Sectors. Our skills have developed on the basis of engineering design knowledge, practical knowledge of in-service damage mechanisms, evaluation of defects in-service and first-hand experience of management and development of inspection programmes to maximise the reliability and availability of your equipment.

Our capabilities are in the following areas:

  • Pressure Equipment and Pressure Piping Inspection Programmes:
    • – Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
    • – Planning and execution of Inspections
    • – Inspection data management
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Failure Analysis
  • Fit For Service assessment (FFS)
  • Remaining Life Assessment
  • Corrosion consulting
  • Materials consulting

Specialist capabilities in the area of high energy piping, including Gr91 material, high temperature stainless steels, dissimilar metal welds (austenitic – ferritic):

  • Welding Engineering
  • Development of specialist welding processes to address unique circumstances

PEI Asset Integrity also have the ability to provide more general expertise within these same fields:

  • Compilation of tender documents, technical specifications, fabrication specifications, data sheets
  • Pressure equipment design
  • Design reviews
  • QA support and services
  • Contractor management
  • Project management

Engineering Services

Your Integrated Engineering Partner
Any project – any time

In work environments where time is of the essence, nothing can substitute for quality project planning. PEI Industrial specialises in servicing industries where maintenance shutdowns and other interruptions to production must be minimised to avoid costly downtime.

PEI has some of the best project managers and project planners available, all supported by robust reporting, quality and safety systems.

Vigilance in tracking the progress of projects is fundamental to success and having the right project plan and a pool of skilled tradestaff is integral to PEI industrial project management.

Our project management ensures budgets are controlled, deadlines met and both safety and quality are never compromised.

PEI Industrial is a leader in fabrication methodology. We act as a solid partner, manufacturing your equipment in shop and/or installing it on-site, safely and matching all your requirements, materials, processes and project sizes. With the right people, expertise and facilities in place, we can handle any project.

PEI Industrial can also combine pre-fabrication and engineering services for both onshore and offshore installations in the chemical, power and oil & gas markets. We have extensive experience in small to mid-sized engineered modification projects in existing and live plants, thanks to our rich history in Asset Integrity Management. We tackle the difficult interface between Engineering and Operations by integrating Thinking and Doing.

PEI places strong emphasis on recruiting experienced staff with excellent training, providing robust mentoring programmes for junior staff and an uncompromised attitude to both safety and quality.

Trained in our own welding school and with many years of experience, our welders are one of our most valuable assets. Their expertise ensures operational excellence throughout the project. PEI’s QA and Asset Integrity capabilities enables us to apply the highest level of technical expertise to analyse material properties and locate and characterise flaws within materials, fabricated parts and assemblies.

Pre-fabricated piping is not all we do. We also offer multi-disciplinary constructions, combining structural and equipment installation, piping insulation, Electrical & Instrumentation and other elements. That means we minimise the number of interfaces for you as a project owner. Your benefit: flawless installation by single sourcing.

What we offer

Mechanical Maintenance

Reliability, plant availability and prolonging asset lifetime are important challenges in mechanical maintenance. This requires investments and management attention for technical personnel, materials and knowledge management. More and more companies are taking the strategic decision to focus on core business and contract out their maintenance activities.

PEI Industrial is a renowned partner in mechanical maintenance from ad hoc activities by mechanical technicians to full outsourcing. We are always focused on improving performance and reducing total costs to our clients.

How we add value:

  • Providing day to day maintenance
  • Completing turnarounds during shutdowns
  • Executing overhaul projects
  • Servicing complete installations or specific parts
  • Always improving performance based on best practices
  • Being proactive to move from reactive to preventive or predictive maintenance
  • Working according to the customer’s maintenance plan or developing and managing new plans
  • Acting as main contractor and managing all sub-contractors
  • Using the contract of choice: full outsourcing, performance contracts or unit rates
  • 24/7 emergency interventions

PEI provides maintenance services and competences through the complete maintenance chain: contract management, maintenance management, project management, engineering, planning, procurement and execution. Always customisable to client demand with the highest standards for the quality and safety of all services delivered. 

In many cases the PEI mechanical maintenance competences are combined to multi-disciplinary services with:

  • Mechanical, Pressure Equipment & Piping services
  • Machining & bolting
  • Valve services
  • Heat treatment services
  • In-shop machining

Mechanical Construction

PEI has a proven track record of executing mechanical, pressure equipment & piping installation projects across the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Power sectors.

We have extensive experience in Greenfield installation projects and brownfield modification or upgrade projects, as both main and subcontractor.

PEI Industrial offers full execution and project management of construction projects, including engineering, procurement, work preparation, and mechanical installation works. We have proven project management procedures in place to manage mechanical construction projects of all types, sizes and degrees of complexity.

Construction on-site by our skilled welders and technicians is supported by experienced project managers. PEI has the resources to manage your projects safely, efficiently and within schedule.

We offer:

  • Mechanical, Pressure Equipment & Piping Construction Services.
  • Management and coordination of other subcontractors, including civil, structural, scaffolding, painting, insulation, electrical & instrumentation.
  • Risk analysis, procurement, work preparation and project execution planning.
  • Skilled technicians and supervision supported by experienced project management.
  • Safe and predictable project execution.
  • Quality management and quality assurance documentation for local and overseas fabrication.
  • Prefabrication and revisions take place in our own facilities.

Complete project execution, from prefabrication to installation, can be integrated; which offers integrated workflow and business process management for controlled execution of multidisciplinary projects and modifications.

Outage Management

The fast pace and dynamic nature of outage works; and the responsive, reactive, creative nature of dealing with as-found works is where PEI Industrial can provide exceptional support to our clients. PEI Industrial excels in a multi-disciplined environment, focusing on identification of priorities and communication of these priorities to the appropriate parties.

PEI Industrial can provide:

  • Scoping, planning and engineering for major and minor outage works.
  • Management of pressure equipment and weld inspection programmes involving the coordination of safety, scaffolding, lagging, mechanical contractors, confined space entries, statutory inspectors, NDT, metallurgists, interpretation of visual, NDT, metallurgical inspection findings.
  • Management of pressure parts and non-pressure parts project works, including detailed design, pre-outage fabrication, outage works.
  • Ability to identify as-found jobs, make sound recommendations and decisions on best engineering solutions, manage labour, materials and work fronts to allow as-found works to proceed with minimal impact on the outage completion date.
  • Quick response to complete urgent plant failure repairs, including root cause analysis and implementation of strategic solutions with minimal down time.
  • Plus the resources to carry out these works as listed above.

Prefab Piping Services

Welding experts for world-class quality

We are your piping partner for Greenfield installations and brownfield modifications. Pressure to maximize operating time of your assets is increasing in today’s globally competitive market. That drives a growing need for prefabricated equipment. Our Thinking and Doing culture means PEI is a one-stop shop.

How we add value:

  • Highly qualified and trained experts
  • State-of-the-art facilities to work on all required materials
  • Transparency and traceability for world-class quality
  • Certifications
  • Multidisciplinary approach ensures flawless installation.

We support EPC contractors in new build projects, but also owners and operators in brownfield modifications to their existing installations. Whether it’s about reducing lead-time or downtime, with decades of experience PEI knows the quality and reliability of your equipment are key.

Specialist Capabilities

PEI Industrial is able to supply specialist capability where high quality workmanship is paramount, where workspaces and accessibility is confined and restricted. Our tradespeople respect the high quality procedures and hold points required to complete these jobs at the standards necessary to satisfy our clients. Our quality personnel and construction supervisors have intimate knowledge of the strict requirements and ensure that they are enforced these throughout the duration of the works.

Our Specialist Capabilities include:

  • Gr 91 piping replacement and repair works
  • High temperatures stainless steel piping replacement and repair works
  • HP Superheater replacements, e.g. Gr91, Gr22 materials
  • Boiler integral piping repairs and modifications
  • HP Evaporator tube samples
  • Tube to header weld sampling
  • Dissimilar metal weld tube samples inside boilers
  • Dissimilar metal weld tube/pipe replacements, e.g. Gr91 – 304H, Gr22 – 304H, inconel filler metals
  • Desuperheater liner and spray nozzle repairs in HP/HRH Steam lines.

Quality Assurance & Welding Inspection

The quality expectations within PEI Industrial have been set by the rigorous requirements of the specialised welding services that we provide and this forms the benchmark that we provide to all of our clients. Our quality and welding inspection personnel are highly trained and qualified and have the real world knowledge and experience to enforce the world’s best quality standards. Our personnel can form part of a PEI Project Team, a client project team, or be made available for individual assignments.

Heat Treatment Services

Industry leading Heat treatment services to meet your needs precisely.

PEI Heat Treatment provides a full range of heat treatment services on site or at our facilities.

PEI Heat treatment has established a reputation in thermal technology engineering providing next level quality service for petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas and power industries.

With our local fleet of equipment and our highly experienced staff PEI Heat Treatment is New Zealand’s largest specialist Heat Treatment Company.

Our long term relationship with Heattech Australia also gives us access to extra resources – personnel and equipment – when required making any Heat treatment job achievable.

All of these resources combine to form more than 50 sets of electrical heat treatment equipment, 10 gas burner sets and 20+ experienced heat treatment technicians, all available at short notice.

PEI Heat Treatment aim to be leading innovators in thermal technology to the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Power Industries. We have rigorous in-house procedures based on industry best practice and codes; which forms that basis of all of our equipment set-ups. We are able to customise these procedures and set ups to satisfy special requirements of our clients.

Located in the New Plymouth, PEI Heat Treatment offers a complete range of heat treatment project services which add value and deliver clients the following benefits:

  • Improved structural integrity of plant and asset life
  • Reduced costs
  • Customised service configurations to meet client specific and code requirements
  • Global resources ensure rapid response to challenges with fast and effective services
  • Turnkey service for a full range of fully engineered heat treatment services and solutions
  • Access to in-house experts and experienced heat treatment engineers and technicians

PEI Heat Treatment is committed to quality on-site services which have developed the company a well-earned reputation built on the highest safety, quality and technical expertise.

Heat Treatment Equipment

Heat treatment requirements are now more demanding than ever. This calls for consistently reliable, quality equipment and consumables, which the customer can be confident in every time.

PEI Heat Treatment equipment provides the user with the flexibility to heat treat a range of pipe welds at the same time.

From simple butt welds to complex pipe work and vessel fabrications, the range can give you a solution tailored to your specifications. The range includes all necessary power control units, temperature control and recording instruments, cables, heating elements, insulation and accessories. We apply a rigorous maintenance regime to our equipment to ensure reliability. We ensure that our equipment is standardised so every technician knows the equipment which is applied to every job, thereby removing the risk of technician error when setting up the equipment.

Our technicians are dedicated to providing the very best service to all our customers. Their extensive experience in the field of heat treatment ensures that they are fully qualified to discuss your requirements and provide an excellent level of support.

PEI Heat Treatment has the skill and expertise to supply a range of innovative and versatile furnaces and ovens specifically designed with the needs of the client and industry in mind.

This ensures we deliver tailored solutions to meet individual client requirements and specifications focusing on quality, durability, reliability and the highest standards of safety.